The Moss gasifier is a two stage updraft atmospheric unit that produces low BTU syngas in the primary chamber and then ignites the gas in our thermal reactor low excess air ignition system. Moss combustion systems are capable of meeting the most stringent U.S. air emission regulations by implementing our superior design and control technologies to provide the required results. Syngas burns cleanly into water vapor and carbon dioxide. Moss is a leading supplier of solid fuel gasifier type combustion systems for the industrial market. The advantage of gasification is that using syngas is more efficient than direct combustion of the original fuel - more of the energy contained in the fuel is extracted. Moss specializes in solid fuel gasifiers systems capable of gasifying wood, various biomass fuels (i.e., shelled corn, wheat, corn stover, peanut, oat, coconut and rice hulls, pecan shells, sugarcane bagasse) and municipal solid waste (MSW). Our systems provide environmental and energy recovery solutions through the use of superior combustion. Moss provides engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) assuring successful solid fuel fired gasification based project installations. Our turnkey installations begin at fuel unloading and end at the tip of the stack. In todayís emission and regulatory environment, Moss provides innovative solutions by providing advanced control systems, flexible fuel delivery and storage systems and properly selected emission equipment to meet our customerís most stringent requirements. Our advanced technological and manufacturing capabilities to ensure our customerís requirements for the most advanced gasification system are met.