The Moss PLC solid fuel control system uses the latest technology and software that allows you to operate your system around the clock safely with minimum to no supervision. This system is the heart of our gasification system technology for any boiler, dryer, kiln or heat exchanger process. The Moss combustion system design is supplied with a panelview screen to provide you with a high quality view of the systems operating parameters. All necessary lights, switches, power supplies, modem, variable frequency drives, etc. are a standard with our system. This sophisticated device reads actions as they occur within the system and translates them in a logical manner so the system reacts properly. This control system is easy to use, provides exceptional safety features and provides the system operator with invaluable information about the systems operation and can direct the operator to the exact location of problems drastically reducing downtime.

The Moss PLC control system offers the following features and benefits:

  • A Variety of Fuel Types: Four different fuel settings can be preprogrammed into the PLC, which modifies the fuel feed and air input automatically. This is done by simply turning the switch on the front door of the control panel to the desired fuel setting for the fuel being burned.
  • Fan to Fuel Control: The operator has full access to use the panel view screen to change the underfire air fan or fuel feed variable frequency drive HZ settings for each of the four (4) biomass fuel settings.
  • Password Protected: A four (4)-digit group of numbers must be entered on a keypad in the setup parameters of the control system in order to make changes to these parameters. This protects the system from unauthorized changes.
  • Alarm Log Status: Indicates if a fault has occurred since the alarm counter was last reset. The operator can display a special alarm screen, which details the source of the system errors.
  • Draft Controls: Built in draft controls are provided within the PLC panel to maintain a negative draft on the combustion system. Since the PLC is used to determine the correct amount of fuel and air required to maintain the set pressure or temperature, the PLC can anticipate the required amount of draft that will be required and can either ramp up or slow down the induced draft fan to maintain the set draft conditions.
  • Oxygen Trim System: Oxygen trim systems can be provided, as an option, but is fully compatible to our PLC either at the time of installation or at a later date. The trim system automatically controls air input into the thermal reactor air VFD making the combustion system operate at its most efficient point.